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Seating area with fire pit

Challenge: To create a comfortable outdoor space to spend time and relax in.

Solution: I proposed a cosy seating area featuring a fire pit and raised flower beds. I suggested indian sandstone cobbles in parish for the paving and constructing the walls using 9-inch concrete blocks, rendered and painted. 

Additionally, I recommended a screen, constructed with 4-inch posts concreted 2 feet deep into the ground at 4-foot intervals to provide privacy.


For the flower beds, I proposed filling the blockwork with grade A topsoil to promote healthy plant growth. 


Finally, for the seating, we decided to craft this from blocks and create comfortable seats from slabs. The paving would be laid on 6 inches of crushed MOT and a solid bed of sharp sand and cement, with joints filled using sand and cement for stability.

Result: An outdoor seating area with a central firepit surrounded by raised flower beds.


The sturdy construction of walls and screening provides privacy and defines the space. The completed project offers comfort, style, and functionality, providing the client with an idyllic outdoor space.

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