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Elevated porcelain patio transformation

Challenge: To transform the client’s outdoor space and existing landscape into a modern, durable patio. The goal was a low-maintenance option that could withstand weather changes and foot traffic without compromising how it looks.

Solution: I recommended installing a 600 x 600 x 20mm porcelain slab patio, laid in a half bond pattern above a solid bed of sharp sand and cement. Create a sturdy foundation by priming the back of the slabs with slab primer and using 150mm of crushed MOT. 


Easy joint filler to fill the joints, providing a seamless finish and reducing future maintenance. Additionally, landscape sleepers were to be used to craft raised flower beds, and secured with timber lock screws.

Result: An elevated porcelain patio with raised flower beds filled with grade A topsoil and bark mulch - a brilliant transformation of the outdoor space!

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