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Garden wall revitalisation

Challenge: Enhance the look and functionality of my client’s outdoor space through constructing a garden wall and brickwork.


They wanted a timeless design that would fit with their existing landscape while providing structural support and creating boundaries from the surrounding area.

Solution: I proposed the construction of a garden wall using old English bricks and white cement, creating a sense of ‘traditionalism’. By using piers and tile cresting, sitting on top of a 450mm deep footing, this ensures stability and longevity. To enhance the design even further, a softwood door with black gate furniture was to be installed.

Result: The completion of the garden wall and brickwork project transformed the outdoor space into a visually appealing area.


The sturdy construction above a deep footing ensures durability and structural integrity for years to come. Overall, the revitalisation of the garden walls and brickwork enhances the appearance and functionality of the outdoor space.

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