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Lane fencing installation

Challenge: The task was to quickly secure approximately 300 meters of lane and enclose an area around a weir with fencing while minimising safety risks.

Solution: Understanding the urgency of this project due to safety measures, I assessed the options for fencing, prioritising cost-effectiveness and durability. I recommended setting the posts along the lane evenly and installing the necessary fencing to create a secure barrier between the garden and river.

Result: The project immediately assisted in reducing the safety hazards as the client had a young child who would’ve been at harm of potential dangers near the river. It also resulted in structurally sound and visually appealing fencing along client's garden/driveway. This particular client has worked with me for 5 projects since!

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WhatsApp Image 2024-02-26 at 15.02.50 (1).jpeg
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Chris Lawson, Saffron Walden

“I was recommended to Phil as someone who would “Get the job done without complaint” and they were absolutely right.

I needed some fencing recommendations to cover about 300 metres of lane and around a weir. It was also important to get the job done quickly as it was a danger risk.

Phil calmly explored what the most practical options were - and had a great knowledge of cost and durability.  

Once agreed he organised for the materials to be delivered and set to work. Phil and one other made short work of setting the posts along the lane. 

To this day, 4 years later, we get comments on 1) the quality of the materials, and 2) how straight they are over a long distance. When it comes to fencing you can’t argue for more. 

From my personal perspective it was to protect our daughter who had just learned to walk from getting into a river, so I really appreciate Phil giving up his time the week before Christmas to get the job done. 

Phil has worked on about five other jobs for me since then which is testament to his experience, cost and quality.”

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